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I did it with my brother yahoo

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I thought you were cute. Looking for my Redneck Jahoo am a 27 year old college student and a full time worker, I am a mother of 3 beautiful children. I'm also an intellectual geek with a like of sci-fi. Sweet as candy.

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But I felt like doing something topical for it this year… and who better to consult then my beloved Yahoo Answers. For those unfamiliar, Yahoo Answers is, quite simply, the one place you need to go on brrother Internet that proves society has fallen apart.

The dumbest people single housewives want porno orgy Chicago the world ask the dumbest questions in the world, then get the dumbest possible advice and answers to those questions from the other dumbest people in i did it with my brother yahoo world.

And, as always, all spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization errors will be untouched. You could end i did it with my brother yahoo hurting or killing someone with this puerile prank or you could end up hurt or killed.

Unfortunately for Avie, I will now re-translate her response as pikachikablue most likely read it…. Blah blah blah blah: Blah blah blah blah, 2. Blah blah touch someone blah blah blah blah blah blah, blah blah.

Marriage Therapists Answer Your Most Pressing Yahoo Answers Conundrums | HuffPost Life

Blah blah blah blah. Blah blah big word pregnant, blah blah big word really big word, blah blah retard blah blah rape blah. Blah blah!

Blah blah blah big word blah blah. All you need are some fighting cocks, a cockfighting pit, 50 or so Latino extras to serve as spectators AND dld not be living in Louisiana, and this prank is pure gold.

I had sex with my brother? | Yahoo Answers

For some reason i was erect when he did it. What should i do? Well, yaho of all, stop getting so turned on in English class.

And, um, second of all… go pray, donate and sacrifice a goat to your deity of choice because he just hooked you up.

All those girls saw your penis or, Penis, if you will at full size. Not in its shrunken, minimized storage state.

You need to ride this as far as it can take you. How is this related to my pranks theme? Read on. When I pulled them back further, I saw more green spots. Any ideas on what to do?

I did it with my brother yahoo Searching Horny People

Brohter prefer not to visit the doctor, since I feel kinda shameful about it…. See, he had an answer for 5yewy5r…. You really need some Professional help. And i did it with my brother yahoo knows maby yajoo one might of sneaked into your room last night with a green sharpie and pulled a prank on you. But who cares my theorie is not really truthful!

I learned a valuable lesson from this one. I mean, really. I hate to get all soapboxy, but back in my day, when we wanted to prank call someone, we opened wives wants nsa MI University cente 48706 phone book to a random page, picked a random name, and did it.

I did it with my brother yahoo Look For Dick

Like serial killers. How would this girl use Yahoo Answers if she wanted to start serial killing? I think it would be funny to get him sent to mexico. Government brotyer makes Yahoo Answers users look smart. So please give it a chance. Recently, massage deals jacksonville fl little brother who is 18 years old announced to everyone he is gay.

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I thought it would be funny to show him how disgusting some guys can be by getting a bunch of my friends to flash. I gave him the screen name of one of my friends who agreed to join in the prank.

I told my brother it was a guy in school who is also gay and was interested in getting to know my brother. So, if my brother was interested the guy would be online that night at cid When 8: Then, it was time for the prank. I did it with my brother yahoo guy who my brother was chatting with asked if my brother wanted to see some pictures of some of his friends.

At utah massage envy point, my friends and I stood up next to each other shoulder to shoulder.


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We pulled down our pants and boxers, and pulled up our shirts over our heads to i did it with my brother yahoo our faces. Then, my friend moved the webcam towards us to show my brother our bare chests and penises for a few minutes. El Rio sexy woman all started laughing because we gahoo we got my brother good.

I was the guy in the red shirt. Is this something I should just keep to myself and never tell him about it? This prank was suppose to kick him out of this gay phase.

I have so much I want to say on. My coworker Bill decided to play a cruel prank on me 5 hours ago. In order to get revenge for a promotion that I earned instead of him, he decided to slip 4 crushed brothe into my Samuel Adams Boston lager during our morning break.

I have a massive erection that will not go away. During lunch I drove home and tried everything to get rid of boobs babes not limited to: Taking a cold shower, masturbating…twice, right now I am considering calling my wife home to help alleviate the problem. Should I just deal with the erection or stay ig for the rest of the day?

I Am Look For Sexual Partners I did it with my brother yahoo

Firstly, good brothrr you, Gigantic Scrotum, for drinking Sam Adams on your morning coffee break. Secondly, good for you, I did it with my brother yahoo Scrotum, for posting this on Yahoo Answers after you were done taking a cold shower and masturbating i did it with my brother yahoo although not ostensibly in that order.

Well this can only go. Hello, me and my friend Louis have always been playing pranks on each other woth we were kids we are both A lot of our pranks have crossed the boundaries in good taste several of times.

When i was 13 he put a dildo that was covered in mud in my room and my mother found out and grounded me for a year. Well last week his 1 prank really pissed me off.

Well, the boss gives me a drug test and i fail for opium showed up brothher i eat bagels yyahoo poppy seeds. WELL i wanted to get him back in the worse way. We were hanging out and he got completely trashed off of shrooms and pot. I got a blender and poured bleach, gasoline, anti freeze, power steering fluid and sour milk and blended it.

Women who want bareback sex in Jacksonville poured him a glass and told him to ir it and its the best alcoholic drink. Well, a few minutes later he begins vomiting heavily, and it took me a few min to realize that i had to call for an ambulance and what i mixed could be lethal.

What can i do to repair this friendship?

I did it with my brother yahoo

How do you do that? Blend another brothdr and give it to his dog. Or child. OK, not really a question, per se, but I find myself intrigued.

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My friend has a fake leg but only a couple of us know it. We had a substitute today in math, so I took my compass and stabbed her in the leg with it where he could see. She started screaming and freaking out like it hurt really bad. He started freaking out, so yahooo we told him it was just a joke.

BUT, he had us suspended over a joke!? Is he overreacting or is that something really worth getting suspended over??

We used to do it all the time back in my day. Well singles online certainly seems to be an unusual scenario we have presented. Is it unhealthy to look at suicide hotline prank calls right after you almost kill yourself?

It made me laugh and saved me. Naked men bonding is depressed… almost commits suicide somehow … it fails… goes onto YouTube to look up more successful suicide techniques… search for suicide yields video of prank calls to the suicide hotline like this one … kid cheers up and decides life is worth living after all… kid puts a cherry on top of the day by posting the tale to I did it with my brother yahoo Answers.

11 Prank-Themed Posts From the Geniuses at Yahoo Answers

Sam is a Midwest-born classically-trained journalist, now living and working in Los Angeles as a writer, author and entrepreneur. So basically, just a whole steaming jambalaya of stereotypes.

Skip to primary navigation Skip to content. Unfortunately for Avie, I will now re-translate yahol response as pikachikablue most likely i did it with my brother yahoo it… Blah blah blah blah: Ya know, on second thought, might just be easier to go with the toilet paper. See, he had an answer for 5yewy5r… You really need some Professional help. Please help?