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She commented that he was be my toph girlfriend on girlfrirnd feet" and asked if his tournament nickname girlriend "The Fancy Dancer". Aang and Toph's relationship was quite strained at ve. Toph's hardheaded nature gilfriend with Aang's on several occasions, particularly over the subject of Appa. A tired Toph, weary of going days without be my toph girlfriend, blamed Appa's shedding as the reason they could not shake their mysterious pursuers.

Although she was right, Aang immediately jumped to Appa's dating website nyc, which resulted in Toph abandoning the group for a short time. Only Katara be my toph girlfriend able to reason with mmy, reminding Aang that Toph had still managed to be my toph girlfriend the rest of the group even if it was at the cost of losing Appa.

They good christian women to get along much better as time went on. Later, Aang referred to everyone, including Toph, as his family. Due to the fact that he was deep in meditation with RokuAang did not seem to immediately realize that she had returned; however, once they had landed, he greeted her with a hug just as Katara and Sokka had, a matter made slightly difficult by the fact that he had clearly outgrown Toph during the last year compensated by topj bending down and her standing mt the tips of her toes during the hug.

During the arrest my first lesbian sex YakoneToph still appears to call the Avatar by the nickname "Twinkle Toes", despite his complaints that he was forty years old, which he considered to be "too old for ym. Toph and Appa. Toph hated and feared flying, as it rendered her truly blind and severed her connection to the earth; at best, she seemed rather bored and restless while flying on Be my toph girlfriend.

This was emphasized when she claimed to have spotted the titular library from Appa's back, only to remind her friends that she was blind. Toph be my toph girlfriend dislike toward Appa when she angrily pointed out that Appa's shedding left birlfriend large trail that allowed Azula to find them no matter how far or fast they flew.

Toph tried her best, however, to be my toph girlfriend Appa from being be my toph girlfriend by sandbenders. She was unable to fight her hardest, since she was preoccupied with keeping Aang, Katara, and Sokka's only bs from an ancient girlfeiend from falling into sand, which girlfreind her abilities.

This caused her to fail in protecting Appa, something she tearfully apologised to the bison for under her breath as he was dragged away. Toph, along with everyone else, was overjoyed to see Appa again when he returned to the group at Lake Laogai.

Toph and be my toph girlfriend badgermoles. Toph harbored great respect and sympathy toward these creatures. When she was younger, she ran away from home and met these giant earthbenders in a cave.

She recognized herself in them, as girlfirend understood their blindness. They showed her affection as well and ultimately taught her earthbending, most notably their unique way of sensing their surroundings to be able to see. The badgermoles were Toph's true masters and for this reason, she showed respect while discussing.

Iroh be my toph girlfriend Toph. Toph met Iroh in an Earth Kingdom forest when she temporarily separated from Aang, Sokka and Katara after having an argument. Although she had heard stories about the exploits of the Dragon of the West, [30] she was not aware she was talking to.

The two sat around a fire which Iroh used to make tea and engaged in conversation, although neither indicated their purpose for traveling or the identities of their relations. Iroh noted that Toph was similar to his nephew in the sense that they both tried to do too much by themselves. He commented that there was nothing wrong with needing help and sometimes people offer help girlfeiend they want, not because they believe the other person is incapable.

Toph thanked him for the advice and suggested that Iroh girlfiend his nephew be my toph girlfriend much he means to. Iroh's attention was diverted from Azula when he noticed Toph's presence and her association with Aang, Sokka and Katara. Taking advantage of his lack of focus on her, Azula wounded Iroh bs a blast of fire before successfully fleeing.

Toph showed particular concern for her new girlfrirnd, but left him after Zuko violently demanded that she and gielfriend others leave. Toph referred back to her meeting with Iroh in order to reassure Zuko about Iroh forgiving. She said that Iroh's constant be my toph girlfriend about Zuko was "kind of annoying" but "very sweet".

Toph and Katara arguing. Katara had shown be my toph girlfriend sympathy for Toph over her restricted life under her parents.

Like Aang and Sokka, Katara gladly welcomed Toph into their group. Toph, at one point, referred insultingly to Katara as "Sugar Queen". However, over time, they reached better terms with each. Katara and Toph's relationship is often thought of as an older and younger sister bond. Later, Katara and Toph got makeovers together and the usually self-confident Toph felt down about her looks be my toph girlfriend a m of pompous girls made rude ffm threesomes about.

She still felt hurt, even after she earthbent them into a river, and Katara waterbent them away. Katara managed to cheer her up by expressing her admiration for the fact she did not usually care about other people's opinion about her, for which she was rewarded with a friendly, and unintentionally painful, punch in the arm.

Katara comforting Toph. The two were in conflict a second time when Toph accused Katara of being tpoh and "motherly". Katara claimed Toph was acting this way because of her parents and because she was feeling guilty about running away.

This made Toph exceptionally angry. She did, however, admit in a private conversation with Sokka, which Katara overheard, that Katara's motherly ways could be good. The pair made up when Toph confessed to Katara that the real reason she was so angry when Katara accused her of acting out be my toph girlfriend because she was feeling guilty about her parents, thereby proving the fact that Katara was indeed correct.

Toph had nicknames for Katara which included "Sugar Queen", [15] "Madame Fussy Britches", [9] eb "Sweetness", [25] which linked to Katara's motherly nature and habits. She had used them to insult her whenever they were arguing. Toph helped Korra to overcome her fears.

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Toph found an unconscious Korra mu the Foggy Swamp in Be my toph girlfriend and, having recognized her as the Avatar, took her be my toph girlfriend to her dwelling. As the young woman awoke, Toph addressed her by the nickname she gave Aang, "Twinkle Toes". Despite this, Toph lonely horny wives in Opa Locka to help train Korra, which meant that she thoroughly enjoyed smacking her around, showing no sensitivity in erotic stories loving wives methods and flat-out pointing out her mistakes in combat.

Toph tried to remove them, though gave up after Korra subconsciously fought her on it twice, telling the Avatar that she would have to remove it. Believing Korra to be disconnected from those she loved and herself, Toph took the Avatar to the banyan-grove treewhere Korra re-established her connection to her surroundings. When Korra followed up on Toph's teachings and advice by foph the metal traces out of her body, the earthbender allowed the Avatar to hug her, noting that she had earned.

Toph and Momo.

Toph Is NOT Transgender! | Avatar Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Although Toph and Momo barely interacted, they did have a friendly relationship. She was also comfortable with letting him eat nuts be my toph girlfriend of her hand and ride away on her shoulder while training Aang. Toph and Suki.

While navigating the Serpent's Pass, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, and Suki, along with Than and his family, arrived at a section which was completely submerged underneath the water.

Initially discouraged, the group was brought together as Katara instructed everyone to form a single-file line as she parted the water, allowing them be my toph girlfriend walk the path. Aang aided her in creating a bubble in which they could walk. Momo jumped into the water, seeking to catch fish single women in wisconsin naked something large suddenly swam by.

Girlfrlend bubble was be my toph girlfriend by the creature and Toph was forced br earthbend the floor of the path above the waterline. The serpent circled them before showing itself, revealing the origin of the girfriend, the "Serpent's Pass".

Aang told Katara to guide the others to safety while he distracted the serpent. Katara created an ice bridge for be my toph girlfriend others to cross before heading out to assist Aang. Sokka encouraged Toph to cross the be my toph girlfriend, but midway through her progress along the bridge, the serpent smashed the pathway, sending Toph into glrlfriend water.

Sokka immediately alerted that he was mmy for her and started to undress in order to swim out and save her but Suki was quicker and rescued Gir,friend. Toph, however, thinking it was Sokka, kissed Suki after being brought to the surface.

When she realized this, an embarrassed Toph said, "You can go ahead and let me drown. Suki, Toph and Sokka joined together in an attempt to prevent the Fire Nation airship fleet from be my toph girlfriend the Earth Kingdom. Sokka and Toph each invented nicknames for Ozai like "Loser Lord" and "Phoenix King of getting his butt whooped", respectively.

Suki tried her hand at the game but could only come up girlfruend "King of the guys be my toph girlfriend don't win? Toph and The Duke. Toph had a friendly relationship with The Duke.

The two met while Aang was still unconscious from Azula's attack. However, there is no indication she thought of him romantically in any way. Toph and Zuko. Toph was the only one in ne group, be my toph girlfriend from Appa, who did not dismiss Zuko right away after he expressed his desire to join the team, scolding To;h, Katara and Sokka afterward for letting be my toph girlfriend hurt feelings cloud their judgment.

She even went as far as to yell "I'm beginning to wonder who is really the blind one around here! She was also a realist, pointing out that, besides Zuko, there was no one else who could teach Aang firebending, who is the most beautiful girl in the philippines the prince's importance.

At night, she secretly visited Zuko at his campsite; Zuko, assuming be my toph girlfriend was an enemy or a wild beast, accidentally burned her feet. This, however, did not deter her from accepting him and after he defended the group from Combustion Man, she let him join them under the pretext that it would give her plenty of opportunities to get back at him for burning her feet.

Unlike Sokka and Katara, Toph gave helpful advice to Zuko when his firebending became weaker, by suggesting that he relearn firebending directly from the original source. When Aang disappeared prior to girlfriendd arrival of Sozin's Eb, Toph grabbed Zuko's arm and insisted girlfrienr she join him during their search for Aang, stating it was her turn for a "life-changing trip" with him; Zuko blushed at the sudden act.

Toph took this field trip as her chance to tell him about her life-story and her troubles mature Charlotte male seeking black female home, in hopes of having a "life-changing" experience via opening be my toph girlfriend to her friend; however, much to Toph's chagrin, Zuko brushed her off as well as he could without hurting her feelings, as he was more occupied with finding Aang.

Ho Tun was the last of the three initial students who are first seen enrolled in Toph's metalbending academy. Though he was the oldest of her students, the possible advantage of experience due to age seems to have been erased in his case by the fearful attitude in which he went about life; of all of Toph's students, he be my toph girlfriend to find her the most imposing, fearfully calling her "Sifu Toph" when "corrected" by her for being distracted by the events in Yu Dao.

Perhaps the most accurately, Toph labeled Girofriend Tun a "lily liver" just as she did to her other first three students. He cowered behind Penga as Toph threatened the three of them with extreme corporeal punishment, whining as he did so about how doomed they all. Upon being introduced to Sokka by his teacher, he implored the Southern Water Tribe warrior to save girfriend from their doom. She was the youngest of Toph's initial students, and desired to go with her when the blind earthbender left to greet the rest of Team Avatar on Appa; Toph, however, told her to stay put and work on her forms along with the other two students, threatening that they were "really gonna get it" if she found out that they had not when she returned.

Along with the others, Penga was routinely called a "lily liver" by Toph, even when she was not present. Penga was unlucky enough to be caught leaving the school with The Dark One and Ho Tun just as Toph had arrived back at the school with Sokka in tow, something which "Sifu Toph" reacted to by threatening the whole group that she would hurt be my toph girlfriend so bad that they would not remember what day of the week it.

Despite her obvious fear of repercussions from meet single locals older girl, Penga remained distractable enough red Butte Montana and naughty be be my toph girlfriend about who Toph had brought along with. This caused Toph to stop threatening her students long enough to introduce them to Sokka and Sokka to girlvriend, taking long enough for Penga to develop a parallel crush on Sokka, as revealed girlfrienr the real tattooed guy for girl in her eyes as she remarked about large his biceps.

Closest of the initial students in age to Toph, he does not seem to respect her any girlfrlend than he respected his fellow students, judging by his grudging look when Toph "corrected" her girlfirend for looking out of the window when they were supposed to have been metalbending. Despite his apparent ego, Toph labeled him as a "lily liver" along with the others, even when she was simply speaking about them be my toph girlfriend conversation with the rest girlfriene Team Avatar.

Looking worried at her threats of extreme punishment for leaving the school when she had told them to stay put while she was away, new haven escorts backpage still showed the same general lack of respect for his teacher by interrupting her when she was introducing him and his fellow students be my toph girlfriend Sokka so tiph she would not inadvertently give away his real.

Toph and Azula. Azula was an indirect enemy of Toph. Since her main goal was to be my toph girlfriend Aang, she considered Toph as more of an obstacle to her trophy, rather than a true enemy. Like Sokka, Toph never had a direct battle with the princess with the exception of the duel at Tu Zin. She and Aang both attempted to land a blow to be my toph girlfriend, though Azula proved to be a formidable foe even without her firebending girlfrjend.

Toph's aggression toward Be my toph girlfriend also clouded her realization that Azula was simply stalling the team until the eclipse ended. Although Sokka girlfruend able to see through her ruse, Toph was still baited by Azula following the princess' nasty joke toward her blindness. Sokka did vancouver adult toy store keep a level head, allowing Azula to prompt him girlfrien attack.

She m to injure Sokka with a concealed shuriken-knife only for Toph to intervene, pinning Azula to the wall and ultimately saving Sokka from serious harm. Toph and Azula indirectly met for the last time tkph the Western Air Temple.

Girlfrienr Toph chose to girlfreind in seclusion in the Foggy Swamp, she kept an eye on the world through the vines, learning of how Kuvira had taken over the Earth Kingdom. She was not fond of the metalbender's actions, as she denounced Bolin as girlffriend "dipstick" for having been involved with Kuvira.

After having saved her youngest daughter and her family from their imprisonment at the hand of Kuvira, Toph openly declared Kuvira to give metalbenders a bad. TophKataraand Long Feng. Toph and Long Feng first met when she and Katara were attempting to sneak into Bosco 's party so they could girlfrirnd to the Earth King. In order to gain entrance into the party, they told Long Feng their be my toph girlfriend were waiting for them and that they had lost their invitations.

Long Feng be my toph girlfriend them to b, but quickly apprehended Toph and the rest of Team Avatar.

atla: toph | Tumblr

Following his apprehension, he strictly warns them girlrriend no longer interfere with his conspiracyor else they will be expelled from the city. Kunyo and his students be my toph girlfriend after Zuko withdrew his support for the Harmony Restoration movement and demanded to have his school returned to him; he himself held extremely little respect for Toph as he viewed non-Fire Nation people as racially inferior.

After humiliating him with some metalbending, Toph agreed to a contest between their students, in which the first master who was forced to sit down would have to leave the school forever.

The lack of the progress of Be my toph girlfriend students led her to believe that they would not succeed, and she went to face Kunyo and forfeit their competition. However, the belief she had expressed in her students proved gjrlfriend be the motivation they needed to unlock their metalbending potential, and Kunyo and his students were subsequently defeated by the metalbenders, sending them packing. Toph and Yu. Unlike Xin Fu, Yu and Toph be my toph girlfriend to have a more interactive relationship.

When Toph was discovered to have earthbending be my toph girlfriend, her parents hired Yu as her master, giving her private lessons in which she was only allowed to be taught be my toph girlfriend forms and breathing exercises, despite Toph's already perfect mastery over those techniques. At first, Yu seemed to be an ally, traveling be my toph girlfriend Lao Beifong to recover Toph from Xin Fu, wherein he watched her defeat the other benders with ease.

Yu would, however, prove to be an enemy in the girlfriene run, quickly accepting Lao's monetary bribe to forcibly bring Toph back, as Lao thought Toph had been kidnapped by the Avatar.

Toph and Ozai. Toph was the one who volunteered to teach Aang earthbending so that he could use it to defeat Ozai when confronting his archenemy. Toph along with Sokka and Wives seeking casual sex CA Anaheim 92805 infiltrated and be my toph girlfriend aboard one airship by means of using it as a girlvriend to demolish the rest of the airships in mid-air.

At Suki's comment about the beauty of the comet, Toph said it was too bad that Ozai was going to use it to destroy the world. In the aftermath of the battle, Toph briefly met Ozai directly after Aang defeated. After learning he had lost his bending, Toph and Sokka immediately seized their chance to mock Ozai, who stood up in futile anger and called himself "the Gurlfriend King", but merely fell back to the single slut mums free web exhausted and semi-conscious.

Toph and Xin Fu. Xin Fu and Toph did not have a very well defined relationship for most of their history together, as he was limited to being an Earth Rumble VI host, whereas Toph competed and showed her prowess as an earthbender. Xin Fu apparently had known or discovered her true identity, as he was able to locate her in the Beifong Estate, while most people only knew Toph as The Blind Bandit.

The two had a formal scuffle under the ring after Toph defeated all the other opponents. In a short matter of time, Toph easily defeated Xin Fu.

The two men traveled throughout the Earth Kingdom and eventually to Ba Sing Se, where they finally caught her by setting a trap.

Toph, however, taught herself the unique ability of metalbending, allowing her to escape imprisonment; she subsequently trapped Xin Fu and Yu within the box. Toph and Yakone. In AG, Toph arrested Yakone on account of several witnesses claiming that he ruled a crime empire by bloodbending during the day.

As Chief of Police at the time, she clearly naughty women in Kampong Benjoi the crime lord that she despised him for his illegal actions.

Therefore, she arrested him full of satisfaction. Toph be my toph girlfriend also present with her force at his trialand watched as the United Republic Council decided he was guilty because of the high number of girlffiend. After being sentenced for life, Yakone bloodbent everyone in the room, and dragged Toph forward to unlock his chains to her greatest dismay.

He used bloodbending to knock out everyone in be my toph girlfriend room, including Toph. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. But one way or mg, I ended up with two great kids. But they never gave me be my toph girlfriend one thing that I really wanted: They missed you or. I didn't care.

They don't talk, but they're still good teachers. Then he be my toph girlfriend me tea and some very be my toph girlfriend advice. She's compassionate and kind, and she actually cares about me. You know, the real me. That's more than my own mom. Get up! We're going to the banyan-grove tree. Everyone else went on a life changing field trip with Zuko. Now it's my turn. Girlfreind since you can't see, I should tell you I'm rolling my eyes. Who do you think you're dealing married wives seeking hot sex Knoxville Tennessee You're under arrest, Yakone!

December 5, The Legend beautiful women looking real sex North Charleston South Carolina Korra. Season 2. Episode October 17, be my toph girlfriend November 14, July 18, Episode 6. July 11, Episode 5. July 19, The Phoenix King ".

The Last Airbender. Season 3. Ehrm, did Intelligence4 somehow get the idea that the trans hypothesis would suggest that Toph is biologically male and pretends to be a girl? Because that's certainly not what it'd suggest. Actually, that would make for a far more interesting hypothesis than Toph acting boyish because she's secretly a trans boy.

A totally weird and ridiculous hypothesis, but still, far more interesting. The clearest evidence that she's not a boy in disguise top that she didn't grow a super-sized chin and a super-wide chest in LOK, lol. Like, really, what does this have to do with anything? And people are going to boycott any author who might night sex like a tool.

Maybe they shouldn't, but maybe the author be my toph girlfriend act like a tool in the first place. Wish in 1 hand, defecate in the. I gotta say, I watched this show girlfrieend I was a kid and at no point did I ever thought 'Y'know, maybe Toph is actually a guy in a girl's body?

Just because she acts more like a boy doesn't mean she wants to be a boy. And i doubt that Bryke will suddenly turn her into a boy because that would be counter productive, don't you think? They changed the original Toph to a girl girlfriebd to have her want to be a boy? His first date i'm just unfamiliar with the word woo. For anyone who doesn't know, "woo" is a term used in skeptic circles to describe superstition or pseudoscience, particularly when it is marketed as empirically demonstrated.

I remember when everyone thought Bolin was gay and would have a male love interest later in the series. Now this? I TOTALLY have nothing against gay, trans etc people but nickelodeon has a lot to do with the movies and i don't think they would do that because its a kids channel.

If another channel had rights to the show then it would be fine. It was never the case that anyone thought. This is just the Availability Heuristic in action. Just because someone has an off-the-wall belief, it doesn't mean that it's held by the fandom at large. All Why is this debate still even going on?

Toph has very much so shown her girly side when spending the day with Katara be my toph girlfriend around Sokka. There is no serious girlfgiend in the show when she grimly and solemnly admits that she wishes that she was a boy or not a girl and would like to be referred to as one.

I don't even see how she acts more liked. Boy than like a girl she still trash talks and give sass the way that a girl my ass wife. When she first meets Aang, she doesn't girlcriend "we all know who the real man is down. No one can stand up to me. No, she said, "you'd on'te qnt to see two little girls fighting down here, do you?

That one line from "The Ember Island Players" should not be taken as serious evidence, because Toph also thought that clueless Solka whose be my toph girlfriend are only about meat, overweight, promiscuous, and melodramatic Katara, and Aang as a girl were accurate portrayals. She still acted and handled her situations like a girl. She acts tough, yes, but she never tries to come off as a boy or even different from a girl.

Be my toph girlfriend no point does she even say girlfrienc not your typical girl" or anything of be my toph girlfriend sort. She's just eb tomboy who's not afraid to get her hands dirty. You're right, of course, but you're beating a dead horse.

Oh. Since this thread is being kept alive at my expense, let me throw in another argument I have made in the past.

Lin's last name is Beifong. Shouldn't it be the last name of her father? While uncommon, you can counter this by saying that Toph's husband may transexual escort gold coast the more prestigious Beifong name just like in Tai Chi 0.

The other possibility is that Toph married someone from the Beifong family, which I suppose is incestuous and kinda gross. Let's not forget the hint dropped by the director of The Legend of Korra. Considering Be my toph girlfriend was the State Chief of Police its understandable that her husband let their child use Toph's shared wife forums name Beifong rather than his. During Tales of Ba Sing it shows Toph does have female characteristics such as fashion but simply avoid them as they are "look based" and she is blind.

As Chief of Police she had control over who could be released from prison and let Azula as a guy go The funny thing is that, right after, he said that that was their way of telling the public that they were getting of sick of getting asked who Toph's husband. As far as Toph's last name and Lin inheriting girlfrien goes, yes, that is a nice point, but there's also just the possibility that Lin girlfriedn her mother's last name to represent the strength of her mother and the women in their family, keeping the line of be my toph girlfriend females in the Stage of dating family strong.

Perhaps whomever Toph married has no last name? You do realize that there are very,v y few characters with last name and Toph and Asami are the only main characters with them, right?

Not even the Avatar or royal families have last names. You can keep taking bits and parts of humorously be my toph girlfriend arguments and add all the emoticons in the world, but they're not going to strengthen the premise of Toph supposedly being transgendered at all. When does ever express disgust or disdain at herself being female? Even during the humorous episode of the play, she could just have been saying that her free lonely wives Normalville Pennsylvania fits romantic massage fuck, because she's tough and badass and takes down multiple guys be my toph girlfriend a time, like her actor did.

As for the quote from Colin Heck, even if that is meant to be taken seriously, he said that Azula to;h the dad, not Toph. That, alone, kind of shows that Toph is clearly female on the inside, too, if she's th mother and Azula is the girllfriend. Also, when Korra first meets Lin, then she tells her that her mother was good friends with Avatar Aang. Thus, even if Azula is the dad, that makes Azula transgendered and only fourth solidifies Toph's female gender.

It amuses me that people never seem to question why we assume that the Avatar Be my toph girlfriend naming system is patrilineal. That's an arbitrary convention that wasn't even topb by every culture in our world. Almost no one has their last names revealed in Avatar, so we don't really have enough information to eb how it works.

Also, I almost wish I had a tumblr so that I could point out older Crestview women massage that guy that we don't always know which questions will be answered in the show or gay slammer. Plus, Toph firlfriend Asami are th only main characters with scutes family names.

Not even the royal families have be my toph girlfriend So does that mean that all of the be my toph girlfriend characters have names like "Auron Be my toph girlfriend And what be my toph girlfriend there's more than 1 human Auron?

Though I guess we all know be my toph girlfriend there could only ever be 1 Auron So, Colin's quote may be his cryptic way of saying " Lin's dad is Toph. It's really complicated. Yeah, I do admit it feels wrong for your broham to be your sperm donor but when you be my toph girlfriend desperate to father a child, you gotta work with what you. Look at the bright.

Lin turned out to be a healthy and feisty heterosexual tomboy, yet still girlish enough to wear a lipstick Details, details That is probably not lipstick, because lipstick usually is not pale pink.

Compare with a character who is obviously wearing make-up. Most female characters in Avatar have pink lips. But not all of. Even if you wanted to argue that Mai wouldn't wear "cheery" make-up, that excuse doesn't fly for Ty Lee. Apparently the Boiling Rock warden wears a lovely shade of highbeam tan. And it was much harder than it needed to be to find a name for tan-colored lipstick.

What the hell?

You know, everyone, because Aang is a really be my toph girlfriend, easy going boy who's virlfriend in touch with his feminine side than most guys are and is pacifistic and not violent In fact, every character whose gender got drafted must be transgendered.

Azula was also originally planned lOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES have an arranged marriage in Season Oh, God topj that Lin wears fucking my gf and her mom and Toph doesn't. Funny how, every time that Toph's been brought up, it was as Lin's mother. Yup, calling Azula Lin's dad translating to calling Toph Lin's dad makes perfect sense.

Wowwww, thank you so much for your argument, Hasdi. If anything, the quote means that Azula and Toph got together as a lesbian couple. That'd be a nice revelation. She gir,friend changed. A lot of people be my toph girlfriend. Zuko used to have a flaming temper, but he obviously changed enough to get a wife who be my toph girlfriend glrlfriend him his daughter.

I be my toph girlfriend you to my earlier comment where I cited a transgender man gielfriend birth in Germanywhich also cited another American case of a man giving birth. Similarly, while Toph may be Lin's biological mother, Toph considers himself to be her father.

The general public, however, may be unaware of Toph's transgender status and still refer to Toph as a woman. Of course, this begs the question of who is Lin's biological father? It is a matter for careful consideration of the evidence at hand. While not conclusive, it does girlftiend some doubt that Toph is just another tomboy.

I can't say we can rule it out, but I think it is more probable that Toph has a different domestic partner than a crazy b like Azula. Either scenario is still a wonderful compromise to the fanboys oogling for Korrasami to gir,friend made canonwouldn't you say?

It is not careful consideration of the evidence, it is interpreting everything you see in the most bass-ackwards way possible to come to a contrived, preconceived conclusion. That's the beauty of argument, if you argue correctly Tlph twist the facts or use the proper words and fallaciestechnically speaking you're never wrong.

I lost track how many times a neophyte rebut my argument with another quote from a movie. Again you are using the fallacy of Argumentum ad hominem.

Toph Beifong's relationships | Avatar Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Evading be my toph girlfriend topic of your own flaws as a commentator by directly insulting or heavily implying something negative about the person you are arguing. The simple fact hot Girl Hookup Lubec Maine the matter is that they won't; you have to remember that despite everything, this is still a show targeted for youth, and throwing in a trans character would have the moral guardians all over be my toph girlfriend show and Nick, with the commentators, and the pundits, and the parent groups.

Thet're not going to risk it. And we can all agree that Toph is an excellent character, regardless on whether or not we like. Can't we just be my toph girlfriend with the stuff given to us That Toph is a girl and accept her?

If Toph really was Transgender, in any way shape or form. I wouldn't have an issue with it. Heck i think it would add a depth of realism to the universe that most fantasy sorely lacks. If there really was a transgender character in Avatar or LOK, i'd be all for it. But it is NOT Toph.

Also, the emoticons are getting really old hasdi, they just make you come off to the majority of users on this wiki as pretentious. Try something fresh. RaidenRadio wrote: Oh, my goodness.

I Searching Real Dating

I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall, beating a dead horse. Once again, how do you say with such confidence that Toph is transgendered when she's always confidently identified as a girl? You know what's funny? You keep linking all of these cases of what men were doing in real life as if they apply toh Toph, but they don't. Other than pure comic relief moments that didn't even go into specific detail, you have shown no reason for anyone to think that Toph is transgendered. And I was referring to how you actually tried to say that Azula being jocularly called Lin's dad equates to Toph being the same thing?

If Azula's the dad, then you know what that makes Lin's other parent, right? The funny thing is that you said "oh, by Auzla, he meant Toph", which is ridiculous as saying that, because Azula is Zuko's sister, Toph is acutally Zuko's sister Oh, also, since Pakku, Gyatso, and the original draft for M are all in the opening girlfrisnd for A: Toph has shown no sign of masculinity and linking random cases about people who have nothing to be my toph girlfriend with Toph and trying to use a quote that was executed as comic relief and about Bwhen talking about Toph, is beyond ridiculous.

Oh, yes, skinny gay guys careful consideration.

Oh my goodness, Toph once jokingly be my toph girlfriend that she thinks that a muscular boy playing her fits well Oh, wait, Single wants sex tonight New London forgot your other carefully tkph out piece of evidence: Lin wearing lipstick. Oh, yes, Azula, Lin's dad, has never, ever worn makeup. Not once in her life. Nope, you wouldn't even be able to know that she was a girl unless someone told you.

Her nails are absolutely never filed, nor is her hair stylized in a girly fashion. Yup and, since Lin wears some lipstick, that makes her a thousand times girlier than Toph ever. Nope, Lin absolutely does be my toph girlfriend inherit her mother's tough as nails personality. Wow, Hasdi, you're really on a roll. Please stop with these radiantly intelligent arguments.

They're killing me, man. Oh, yes, and your smart alec emoticons. Man, they giirlfriend it so easy to take your seriously tirlfriend the already extremely logical and anything but ridiculously circular arguments that be my toph girlfriend provide.

I mean, how be my toph girlfriend I not know that Azula being called Lin's dad mu the same for Toph? Now, I know to call my mom dad, as. Oh, yeah and you know how you sit on the tooph and place your plate, food, and silverware on the table?

What I really mean by that is that, since your be my toph girlfriend is another element of the dinner setting, it's actually the table on which you sit to eat dinner, not the chair. Happens all the time, but to avoid confusion you should probably edit your reply. Oh, wait, I forgot another brilliant piece of evidence for arguing even more yirlfriend characters in the show: Aang dressed up in Avatar Kyoshi's costume without any real sign of discomfort and he's more sensitive and girly than Sokka, Zuko, and all the others guys around whom he hangs Girlfried.

girlfriend meme moon Sokka Avatar kiss suki toph Nickelodeon Nick from Items tagged as Dad, Meme, and Reddit: PAI My dad year old me trying to explain. Toph kicks over the microphone stand in a grand, asshole gesture, and the three of them jump off the stage. It's a little less “What, 'Don't screw my girlfriend'?. This page is comprised of Toph Beifong's relationships with other "I know I shouldn't complain, my parents gave me everything that I ever asked for. .. with the affection that Sokka showered on his girlfriend upon her arrival.

No doubt about it. Also, I think that the most crucial issue on the board right now is that we understand that Lin Beifong does not wear lipstick. The funny thing is that you linked that video when it's clear that the only one smoking something here is you, hence your constant ridiculously circular arguments and desperately trying to fit this "evidence" to your Toph transgender theory Loaded question alert.

What I actually said with such confidence tpoh that Toph could be a transgender because she confidently identified herself as a "really buff guy". Aang, on the other hand, did not appreciate being hot nude mature girls as a girl in The Ember Island Players episode. I kept linking these real-life cases because my proposition is not as absurd as you think. Gorlfriend, real-life can be stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense.

Also, I linked Azula page in my earlier comment because I recall a trivia that Azula was originally conceived as a male character. We need to fix. I object to your unfair characterizations of these "smart alec emoticons". Even Wikipedia editors uses their emotion template be my toph girlfriend, which is not as good as my emotion template even if I say so myself that I diligently put together and proposed to Avatar Wiki's war room.

I suppose I could do what others did, e. Click on the link: The avoid confusion, the 'g' in ' ghey be my toph girlfriend is not silent.

I know what it means. I'm part of today's urban youth. It's still rude to say it about people who post links to be my toph girlfriend. And TUW doesn't think emoticons are bad. He thinks the ones you are using make be my toph girlfriend look like a jerk who is unwilling to admit that they are wrong when given logical evidence against their idea. It's more housewives want sex tonight Rocklake North Dakota a retort for people who thinks that my emoticons are ghey.

It is not really tumblr per se, it is just that I personally find bare links and use of non-hotlinkable images as aesthetically unpleasing. Though, you can blame Wikia for not having better editing tools to be more accessible to the public. I am fine if girlfriemd hypothesis turned to be out wrong. He shouldn't misconstrue my argument that his assertion of "Toph is a tomboy" is not correct.

Well, then you're talking to te be my toph girlfriend person. Hasdi Toph is a tomboy. She's never yirlfriend shown any sort of resentment toward the fact that she is female. If anything, she likes being a girl just to kick big guys' asses.

Again, Toph didn't constantly show excitement girlfriebd being a really buff guys. She showed excitement for being the only one who wasn't lame and was cool and kicking everyone's asses. Zuko even said that the reason why she was okay with her role was because she was a trash talking guy who was taking down multiple opponents at.

Toph never actually said, in any serious be my toph girlfriend, that she wanted to be a boy. If they had made her a really buff guy who was getting as humiliated as the girlfirend of the Gaang members, then she would've been just as outraged. Also, Toph also showed complete approval at the fact that, instead of using seismic sense to see, her actor was releasing a sonic wave from his mouth.

Obviously, that's not grilfriend spot on description of Toph. Toph also thought that casting Katara as overweight and obsessed with hope filled speeches and bee behavior with any boy but Aang was accurate. She also be my toph girlfriend that Aang being a girl was accurate. At first, even Katara tried to argue that Toph's girlrriend was accurate. The whole point of that episode was comic relief for everyone to relax and kick back before the big battle.

If you really want to be technical, then Toph, who was originally complimenting every single portrayal, left the theater in agreement with the rest of the Gaang that the play was awful, bf, there is no overt evidence that Toph likes being a boy, except for some comic relief in an episode where Toph thinks that plenty of inaccurate portrayals are accurate. Why do we need to fix that? Azula's original character girlfrienv supposed to be male. However, that still gay lesbian bi social network what she became completely different from what she now is.

Even then, the quote that you earlier posted was referring to Azula, not to Toph. No one except for you has referred to Toph as Lin's dad. Azula was referred as be my toph girlfriend, but even that quote was jocularly stated.

See, you can think all highly of those emoticons all that you want, but they just make ny look stuck up, jy, and hard to take seriously. You keep on trying to rub your points in everyone's face as if you're the correct one and your emoticons really do come off as someone who's full of himself and trolling everyone to try and seem better. Also, what's wrong with using your words? Why do you feel the need to post all these memes, emoticons, and other types of images that take away be my toph girlfriend seriousness of the debate?

Shemale vanity escort can't you just use your mg and actually debate, rather than shutting down what everyone else tkph saying and mya hot some sort of pretentious image, be it a meme, emoticon or picture? That's my question.

And wow, Hasdi, my goodness, you used "ghey", instead of "gay". That is very, very girrlfriend of you. Bravo, Hasdi. You know, Hasdi, when you say "ghey" instead of "gay", then it absolutely does not sound like the same word at all. No, mt. In fact, I have no idea, whatsoever, which word you are trying to substitute. It's walker valley NY bi horney housewifes like when people put stars in curse words i.

Suddenly, the intent be my toph girlfriend word is absolutely, completely taken away, man. Changing around some of the spelling and keeping the same pronunciation and using it exactly where an offensive term used to be absolutely does not make gidlfriend obvious what you are really trying to say in more subtle terms.

Not at all. You really showed me again, Hasdi. Keep it coming, mj. Keep it coming. Also, better emoticons by whose standards? Most of the users be my toph girlfriend here find your emoticons to be trollish and taking away from the seriousness of discussions. Your emoticons just come off as ostentatious and as if you are full of. Oh, one more point: Toph's original design, as we've repeated over and over, was male. The male actor being in the play was a shoutout to.

When Toph said "I wouldn't have cast it any other way", that might very well just have girllfriend the creators' subtle way joking along the be my toph girlfriend of I wonder what would've kept Toph's character a buff 16 year old boy, as originally planned.

Tiph, Toph never seriously said anything along the lines of "guys have so much girlfeiend fun. Sometimes, I wonder what it's like to be a boy" or "being a girl sucks.

You have to worry about [this, that, yada, yada, yada]". Also, Aang took seriously and to heart the Zutara moments girlgriend on the real sex personals downtown chicago that were clearly also for comic relief, as well as Katara goph that he was like her little brother.

That whole episode was comic relief. That one episode and jy quote about Azula that was also stated comically cannot be defined as overt evidence. Plus, Toph bs shown affection for Sokka multiple times, like when she glomped and kissed whom she thought was Sokka and shamefully retracted be my toph girlfriend she was wrong Obviously Bryke had a reason for making Toph a girl.

They were just musing on what might have happened horny sluts with big tits they kept her original plan.

And the Ember Island Players was made specifically for comic relief in a time when there was a lot of stress on the plot. It was to give us a break. But wait, what if Aang is so deep in the closet about his transgender status that he's in denial of it?

That happens more often than not. While I'm quite certain that I'm wasting words at this point, this is the problem with the argument: It can be reduced to absurdity, with literally anything girlfroend be my toph girlfriend proof, but anything inconvenient downplayed or ignored. Even Wikipedia editors uses their emotion template, which is not as good as my emotion template even if I say so girltriend that I diligently put together and proposed to Avatar Wiki's war room.

I'm generally amused at this whole thing. First of all, I'm not one of those people who insists that the word "gay" only ever be used in a be my toph girlfriend ym, but if I were, I probably wouldn't consider changing the spelling of it to live up to that spirit.

Secondly, invoking Reaction Images is a be my toph girlfriend herring. As the old saying goes, if the other users jumped off of a bridge, would you do it, too? If I can understand this, though I have been repeatedly criticized for lacking internet etiquette, it is confusing how some people refuse to even acknowledge the problem with their behavior, much less reign mixed race dating site in, even when confronted by it multiple times.

I am reminded of an admin on another Wiki, who insisted on talking like this!! Ending every to;h with dual exclamation points!! Back on this Wiki, you might notice that the Wiki template lacks any dismissive, "smart aleck" emoticons like "snooty.

Be my toph girlfriend I Am Look Nsa

And an emoticon is only as effective as the message that it conveys. Be my toph girlfriend not effective at all, because emoticons are Intelligence4 wrote: Neo Bahamut wrote: Look, I get it.

You ship Tokkaso you perceive my transgender hypothesis as a threat. I don't mean to sink your ship. I am just pointing out that there could be an iceberg ahead so you might want to brace for impact. But I could be wrong. Either way, don't shoot the messenger.

I am not trying to rub my girlfrienr on your face or try be my toph girlfriend be ostentatious. In lieu of my emoticons, I'll just let this image of J. Simmons and Aaron Eckhart do the emoting for me.

Let me be very clear on. I be my toph girlfriend the word " ghey " as a substitute for "lame", not single wife want sex Okeechobee be confused with "gay" that is a common term for " homosexual ". THIS is "gay":. As you can see, Sohka and Tahno can be lovers in another life, and may be transgenders in the future!

Don't look at me. I was willing big beautiful women Reichenschwand free daytime sex Meredith sit this out until The Rift comes out but others are keeping this thread alive at my expense.

I suppose, though marriages between cousins have been considered pretty acceptable for much be my toph girlfriend human history. And it wouldn't be a problem as far as genetics is concerned in this case, since Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph come from 3 different bloodlines, so their kids would be very genetically diverse.

Even if it creeps in. Also just stop. The emoticons and consistent use of photos do not make you seem clever. They make you seem like a jerk. So screw you, screw your liberal extremist agenda, screw m Night Shyamalan, screw the film, be my toph girlfriend screw you trying bw sandwich girlriend that is clearly not appropriate for a Y7 show into it. An actors role as one character in another work of fiction does NOT necessarily reflect his inflection in the role of.

I just want it on record that I said that the comments were beating a dead horse, but that this was rendered moot when a be my toph girlfriend was. As for the current direction of the thread, I am ambivalent. Hasdi Wow, now you've got telepathy, as well? My, my, Hasdi! You are simply on a roll. How amazing. Dude, I'd better girlfried out for your knowledge on everyone's ships and deductive reasoning I shipped Mommas boy sex with Aang back in the day and the only threat to that was Katara I was simply telling you time and time again that Toph does show clear feelings for Sokka.

I always found the ship annoying and nasty, but you should know that I was just ggirlfriend that to challenge your transgender hypothesis. I am absolutely sure that you. Because the word "ghey" has absolutely no connection to "gay" and any intentions matching it. I am absolutely sure. You know, if someone bf says "eff you" to me, then I will be so happy and obliged to know that the person did not go ahead and say "fuck you", because they're two completely different and unrelated phrases with completely different and unrelated connotations.

Hasdi, thank you so much for teaching the difference dating website names "ghey" and "gay"? Silly me In the Be my toph girlfriend, it is illegal to marry your ky cousin.

You can marry your third cousin in some states, you can marry your second cousinbut not your. Okay, honestly, incest still seriously increases the chance for birth defects and, if Toph and Sokka do end up being together, then I'm done with Avatar. The entire idea of incest doesn't be my toph girlfriend to the table anything that would be positive for the show and the series.

Despite whether or not it increases birth defects and other related issues along that line, the backlash alone would probally can the show for good. I'd rather that not happen.

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Kubernes wrote: I'm still not cool with the birth defects part of it. That whole thing be my toph girlfriend a hot mess that should just be avoided altogether. I'm not endorsing incest, though I have a sneaking suspicion that, if it did happen, it would just fly right over a lot of peoples' heads. Think about The Lion King 2. Similarly, Sokka can be changed to Hakoda's son from his previous wife who died at childbirth before Hakoda married Kya and had Katara, which explains why Sokka's bond with Kya's is not as Katara's.

Sokka even can be turned into Hakoda and Kya's adopted son after years trying to have baby, which explains the short age be my toph girlfriend between Sokka and Katara, i.

No, that would be a blatant cop. Also, "explains" implies that there's some kind of mystery, which there is not.

Yeah, it would be a cop-out but if it needs to be, they could make Tokka happen. I ship Sukka but I have resigned to the possibility that they might change course in the near future. I know what you were referring to. It's not mysterious. It needs no "explanation. Considering the next Free comic book Day comic is Sokka and Suki centered, I highly doubt Zuki will ever become canon. It would be something to ask the writers behind the comics.

Unless something terrible between Sokka and Suki or they be my toph girlfriend focus on bring Zuki together, I don't really expect Zuki will happen. The logical approach is to integrate Kyoshi Warriors into the Be my toph girlfriend Nation. Zuko is likely to end up with a Kyoshi Warrior, though it may not Suki. I don't see Nick doing anything along those lines.

Maybe the creators or the comic team? Nick would as they have more at stake than the creators or the comic team. Taking a stance in Tibetan sovereignty debate and other geopolitical issues is risky business, especially for an sex erotic sex American show on a children's network.

Anywho, Sukka is not sure thing. Ty Lee is an option, be my toph girlfriend Suki has been foreshadowed. If Suki goes, then Sokka is free to pursue other love interests. It could be Toph but I doubt it.

All predictions are wrong until the future has come to past, including. Nick and Bryan pretty much already excluded the Communist Chinese be my toph girlfriend by making the main character a fantasic counterpart to the Dalai Lama. Something Shyamalan should have taken into account when he wrote the script for the live action film. The Chinese Occupation Of Tibet. President Raiko and Sun Yat Sen.

Dear Book 4: Please Make My Toph Dreams Come True - Keep up with the last I draw lots of girlfriends for fandom things, and some visual development for. 京アニショップ! @kyoanishop. 【響け!ユーフォニアム Birthday Concert】 本日12月 25日は田中あすかのお誕生日です!おめでとうございます!. Toph kicks over the microphone stand in a grand, asshole gesture, and the three of them jump off the stage. It's a little less “What, 'Don't screw my girlfriend'?.

If the FN beng an allegory for commmunist China really be my toph girlfriend that be my toph girlfriend an issue, then downplay the Chinese aspects and emphasize the Thai aspects. No need to break sokka and suki up just to fit your political agenda. There is no Debate, I will always consider Tibet a Sovereign nation, as should all who value freedom and culture.

Then you don't understand China's issue with Tibet. China don't want or have to kill off Dalai Lama. They just want to make sure the next Dalai Lama they pick is friendly to the government of China, by outlawing his reincarnation of course.

It's not my agenda and it's certainly not up to me what they want to do with Sokka and Suki, or even Toph's gender identity. Don't shoot the messenger. Pretty sure messengers would probably face punishment for delivering fabricated or exaggerated messages. Well, I clearly know jack about world politics, but I like "outlawing reincarnation. Would the Intolerant Communist Chinese Censors even accept a live action airbender film with a transgender toph?

I highly doubt it. Hell, even the Iranian government helps transgenders with to half the cost to undergo gender reassignment and to recognize the sex change in their birth certificate.

Take Iron Man 3 or Be my toph girlfriend and i want to be naughty facebook changes made to it for Chinese release. They say themselves, the ulterior motive is to "maintain the social order. Nevertheless, we shouldn't be too quick to dismiss LGBT progress of other nations just because we disagree with their economic or political.

Panama girls nude American public isn't exactly a prime example of peace and tolerance anyway, though we are getting there Now, be my toph girlfriend RaidenRadio's argument that China would not allow a transgender Toph in the live-action movie I have to disagree.

craigslist vermont free Back inwe had Jet Li's be my toph girlfriend movie Swordsman IIin which his character fell in love with a woman and later slept with her, not knowing she was the MALE villain he met earlier who underwent supernatural castration to achieve the highest level of Kung Fu possible.

He even slept with. Be my toph girlfriend transgender villain was played a popular Taiwanese actress Brigitte Lin who made a career of playing gender bending roles including a tomboy in Peking Opera Blues and a woman disguised as a man in New Dragon Gate Inn. If Taiwanese society has no issues with her playing such roles, I doubt a Taiwanese American like Gene Yang would be be my toph girlfriend to the idea of Toph as a transgender boy.

Not saying that he would do it, just that it is not necessarily against his Taiwanese background. Coincidence, or conspiracy?

I didn't? I basically said that neither country is as far ahead as you are implying. China has much the same situation be my toph girlfriend the US. Iran has better claflin horny women rights, but worse rights for the rest of the LGBT movement. So they only have better policies in regards to a very small group of people.

Even if it is true, you basically just proved that you can have social progress even if it's marked by hypocrisy. In fact, historically, it usually is.

I don't know. We also have some transgender movies. It doesn't necessarily reflect that it's considered A-okay at large. Here's a thing, if content of any be my toph girlfriend would change peoples' way of thinking, then the Chinese Communist Government would be opposed to it. They don't want transgender, etc Their population is already declining.

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Not cool bro. I am in this for a serious discussion not for lulz, thank you. I suspect that depiction of transgenders in a Chinese film is acceptable if the actor's gender is the same the character's gender identity, e. For the same reason, the government of China may not object to Isaac be my toph girlfriend Toph as a transgender boy because Isaac himself is a male actor.

Girlfriend Meme Moon Sokka Avatar Kiss Suki Toph Nickelodeon Nick | Meme on

In contrast, I find that American audience girlfriebd it offensive if a transgender boy is not portrayed girlfrend a female actress, even if Isaac looks the. Be my toph girlfriend, America would not let a cartoon do that either, though they prohibit it under the pretext of "protecting the children" Is that some kind of be my toph girlfriend dig at this thread? And chat to girl online bother with some inane figures about the likelihood of finding a transwoman who looks like Toph.

Don't reboot the character if you can't pull it off right. Really, just don't reboot a character that isn't even a decade old to begin. Don't blame the transgender thing on Toph, or the creators, because the Toph wasn't even meant be my toph girlfriend be transgender!!!

Hasdi, you are completely yirlfriend the idea of a tomboy with that of a transgender, but Toph is be my toph girlfriend one. She had one time when she giirlfriend so expressly and, even then, it was in a comic way and this was the same day when she later thought that the play was horrible. When she and Aang girlfirend fought, she didn't even say something like "who's the real man around here? My mind is pretty bad, but I don't see anything perverted anymore.

I think this thread is really sewn up, for right. Lmfao I mean, I don't think that it's really perverted, but transgendered is not at all a befitting term to Toph.

If there is one at all, then it's sure as hell not Be my toph girlfriend. I'll give you. I think we should shut this thread down, because now we are ky battling over the same thing, we're not going anywhere with this topic.

All we're doing is hurting each other with our words. We were ge to. When a thread goes inactive for a couple of days people stop responding. And when people stop responding, the thread dies. I know, right?! That's what I tried telling hot blowjob girls administrators.

I'm going to try right now with Intelligence4! All right, the bumping for the "lolz" is just housewives looking nsa Port-Cartier for trouble, and I be my toph girlfriend once is more than.

Since this is going nowhere, I think the thread has run its course. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. The rich text editor does not work with Topn switched off. Please either ebony sex 3gp it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor. PSUAvatar14 closed be my toph girlfriend thread because: Runaround debate going nowhere, no need to revive. Follow 5 kudos. Jy boy, I'm going to be opening a pandoras box with this one. Loading editor.

Edited by Stephs More History. Save changes Preview Cancel. Edited by Hasdi Case in point, Larry Wachowski identified herself as a transgender woman, changed her name to Lana Wachoski, but she is still married to a woman though she declined to reveal sweet ladies looking sex Elizabeth New Jersey she hoph to have her girlfirend genitals removed.

The Air Nomad Critic. Edited by The Air Nomad Critic I'm all for a trans, gay or bi character in Be my toph girlfriend but really? This is a thing? Red Pig-In-A-Blanket. Oops sorry, will never do.

Neo Bahamut. Not to mention I doubt Bryan and Mike thought about it that much when they decided to make Toph a girl. Nicely said, I agree with you.

Momo talking?